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How to beat neck and back pain while travelling

Bottom Line:

Travelling long distances on planes, trains, and automobiles is a common event during the holidays, and the stress of all this holiday travel can be overwhelming. Lifting heavy suitcases, hopping in the car for a 13+ hour drive, or even getting the middle seat on an overbooked flight can lead to awkward neck positions and that all too familiar worn down feeling. It’s no surprise that many people experience increased neck pain and shoulder tension and low back pain during the holidays, so what can you do about it besides turning into the Grinch and staying home? Well, new research tells us that you’ve made a smart decision in visiting our office for help.

Why it Matters:

No one should have to rely on non-steroidal anti-inflammatories or pain medications to get through the holiday season. Even some of the most common over the counter medications have a laundry list of potentially harmful side effects. If you are experiencing neck pain and shoulder tension, Chiropractic care is a top alternative. Researchers have found that adjustments can drastically reduce neck and back pain, improve mobility, and reduce the overall levels of stress on our musculoskeletal system, which means you can feel better without having to reach for a bottle of pills.

Chiropractic adjustments can reduce the stress response triggered by our nervous system.

Reduced pain, improved range of motion, and fewer muscle spasms are often reported following Chiropractic care.

Next Steps:

For many of us, travel is a part of our yearly holiday tradition. As much as the trip can be hard on our bodies, it’s important to visit with friends and family. We want you to have the best holiday season possible, and if you plan on travelling this holiday season, let us know! We would love to show you a few simple stretches and exercises you can do to help you stay well between your adjustments. Give us a call or visit the clinic. Happy holidays! Also check out or Instagram page freedom_chiro_movement_studio or visit our Facebook page and look through our movement videos.

Science Source:

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