Blood Flow Restriction Training

What is BFR?



**The Sports Rehab Tourniquet (a type of BFR cuff) is available for sale via Freedom Chiropractic and Movement Studio. Enquire about owning your own BFR cuffs for home training**

Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR) training is an efficient form of safe, low intensity exercise that rapidly improves muscle growth, muscle strength, and VO2 Max, collagen dependent tissue repair and increases bone healing.

It works by using a specialised medical-grade blood pressure cuff to restrict blood flow to the limbs while performing low load exercises. We recommend only using high-quality BFR cuffs to perform BFR training. We use and recommend the SmartTools Plus SmartCuff, one of two FDA approved devices. 


You achieve similar results to high load (heavy weight) training, but with less stress on the joints. This is an important factor if you have a joint injury and are unable to perform high load exercise.

BFR has many applications and benefits, and we recommend either supervised or professionally programmed BFR sessions. Here are some of the ways in which BFR training may help you reach your rehab and performance goals faster:

Improved muscle mass (hypertrophy) and strength

Improved VO2 Max (aerobic capacity)

Increase bone density

Faster muscle repair (muscular strains and tears)

Reduce muscle loss after surgery

If you would like to know more about how BFR can help you, please give us a call 0408 993 968 to enquire. We offer one-on-one sessions, small group sessions and BFR programming.

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